Z-Lipo - Fat Removal Surgery

Fat removal surgery

Lose a few inches or pounds in your problem areas like your waist, thighs, belly or bottoms or finely sculpt or shape your abs, arms, neck or chest. With Z-lipo, you can expect perfect results.

Using our specialized technology, Z-lipo targets specific areas of your body. The high frequency ultrasonic waves break up and separate only the fat cells for removal. Your vital tissues are left un-harmed.

Z-lipo is precise that it gives desired results and so gentle that there is little down-time.

Compared to traditional liposuction which can result in uneven or lumpy areas, Z-lipo gives the precision needed to produce desired and expected results.

The Z-lipo Advantage

Compared to traditional liposuction, Z-lipo procedures involve lessened trauma and speedy recovery.

Using the Z-lipo system, you can expect the following:

  • Natural looking realistic definitions and symmetrical curves even in the traditionally hard to fix spots.
  • Easier removal of large volume of fats.
  • Minimal invasive procedures that can be performed within a click environment.
  • Comparatively, fast recovery timeframe.
  • Possibility of precise sculpting even in relation to delicate areas of the body.
  • Results are smooth and tight.