Non-Surgical-Stem Cell Therapy

Non Surgical Hair Transplant

Stem cells have many unique applications in science and medicine, but this is the first time, stem cells are activated with growth factors and proteins in the field of cosmetic dermatology. You get your Lost hair Back, You do not Loose Hair further, You see the Aging Process of your Skin Reverting.

What Expertise Does Aesthetix Clinic Offers?

Scalp rejuvenation therapies using Stem Cell activation is available at Designer Bodyz, Dr. Parag’s Clinic. We use a mixture of growth factor proteins that is extracted from one's own body and chemical messengers in the extract when deposited or absorbed into the skin or scalp, then send a signal to Stem cells in the skin teaching them to regenerate.

Hair Restoration

Stem Cells Activation on the scalp help the regeneration of ageing hair follicles and help stimulate hair growth and reverse the effects of balding without the need for hair transplant surgery.

Safety and Efficacy

The Treatment is absolutely safe as Dr. Parag has an experience of treating more than thousand clients with definite results of Stem Cell Therapy. For most, this is a great advancement in aesthetic surgery that is going to revolutionize Cosmetic Treatments. This will bring people a step closer to their anti-ageing ideal with the least amount of effort in the long run.