Male Genital Surgery : Penis Enlargement

Genital Surgery For Male

Many men are concerned at some point in their lives about the length of their penis and wonder if they "Measure up" to what is considered normal. Of course, most men, even those who are worried about the size of their Penis, have a perfectly acceptable one and have nothing at all to worry about. Furthermore, most women have confirmed in numerous studies that they are more than happy with the size of their Partners penis. Similar studies however have indicated that women believe the size of their Partners penis to be very important in a relationship.

Male genital enhancement and corrections are sometimes requested by patients. These can also be done satisfactorily in highly selected suitable cases. Sometimes the penis is hidden under an excessively fatty pubis or the length is shortened by previously performed excessive circumcision. In such cases aggressive liposuction of the mon pubis and partial release of the suspensory [restraining] ligament of penis can advance the length. In addition, girth can be augmented as well by fat grafting. Great care is taken in choosing the right individual who can realistically benefit from this and the operation is not generally for everyone. Other congenital problems like an abnormally placed urinary opening or curvature come under the heading of reconstructive surgery and are discussed elsewhere.