Post-massive Weight Loss-Body Tightening

Weight loss surgery

Losing significant amounts of weight as a result of weight loss surgery, diet and exercise leads to exciting changes in health, outlook on life, and appearance.

It has the unique ability to locate and prevent dietary fat from being absorbed into the body. Which leads to burning of the existing stored fat present within the body? It really simplifies the question of how to lose weight, the fast but safe way.

A Belt Lipectomy, also known as the lower body lift, offers the most dramatic transformation of the mid and lower body. It is truly a resculpting of the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Broken into its components, the lower body lift includes a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), a thigh lift, and a buttocks lift.

The body lift procedure is performed on post bariatric patients as well as patients who have not had weight loss. The body lift transforms patients that have experienced massive weight loss and have excess skin. However, results are just as dramatic in patients who in addition to a tummy tuck want a tightening of the skin in their thighs and buttocks. The body lift (belt lipectomy) has the advantage that it can be done in one surgical session, or in stages, depending on the patients needs.