Rhinophyma Treatment for Females

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Rhinophyma (pronounced ri'no-fi'm?) is a fairly uncommon condition, but can cause physical as well as emotional discomfort for those who have it. Rhinophyma is a progressive disease that involves the overgrowth of the soft tissues of the nose. The increased size and blood flow to the nasal tissue may even cause nasal obstruction, making it difficult for the person to breathe normally. Often associated with end-stage acne rosacea, this disfiguring condition has typically been treated with surgical procedures that reduce and re-sculpt the soft tissues of the nose.

However, now there is a new, non-surgical procedure that offers hope for many of those who may be struggling with the disease. Facial cosmetic surgeon- Head and Neck Surgeon Dr. Parag uses state-of-the-art UltraPulseĀ® Laser technology to successfully treat the condition. The laser allows Dr. Parag, who specializes in nasal surgery, to remove the excess skin without incisions or stitches. For optimal results, more than one treatment may be necessary and follow-up with another type of laser may be needed to reduce the redness of the nose after it has been reshaped. Ultimately, the results are often striking and the patient's self-esteem is significantly improved.