African American Rhinoplasty

African American Nose Surgery

Generally speaking there are differences between noses of African American patients than Caucasian patients. While Caucasian patients may wish to reduce the overall size of the nose with "reduction rhinoplasty surgery", African American patients are often hoping to enhance there nose with "augmentation rhinoplasty". Augmentation rhinoplasty may involve narrowing the nasal tip, reducing nostril size and in some cases lengthening the nose and raising the nasal bridge. Patients of African American background usually are not looking to make their nose Caucasian but rather improve their nasal proportions and enhance their overall appearance. As with all rhinoplasty patients it is important for the patient and surgeon to share a common and realistic goal. It is also crucial that the surgeon have experience dealing with African American noses as the techniques for this procedure are different than those used in Caucasian rhinoplasty surgery.

What is Different about an African-American Nose?

Generally, African American noses have thicker nasal skin, and weaker nasal tip cartilage. This intrinsic anatomy results in a flatter and wider appearing nasal tip and wider horizontally oriented nostrils. Other common features include short and low nasal bones resulting in a wider and flatter nasal bridge.

African American Rhinoplasty Techniques

There are a number of rhinoplasty techniques available to the rhinoplasty surgeons when dealing with the African American nose. The common procedures include cartilage grafting to strengthen and support the nasal tip. Nasal tip cartilage grafting strengthens the nasal tip like elevating a tent with a post. Cartilage grafts can be taken from the nasal septum, ear cartilage, and in some cases rib cartilage. In some situations synthetic implants such as medpore, are recommended to reconstruct the nasal tip. Often the nose looks better by raising the nasal bridge. This gives a better proportioned and often narrower appearing nose. Again cartilage grafting from the nose, rib cage, and ear can be used to raise the nasal bridge. In certain situations gortex a synthetic medical grade surgical implant can achieve dramatic enhancement of the nasal bridge.

Realistic Expectations

The Goal of surgery is to create a natural and beautiful African American nose not a Caucasian nose. Patients are counselled as to what is a realistic goal for their rhinoplasty surgery outcome.

Dr. Parag and African American Noses

Dr. Parag is one of India's most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons. He has performed well over 1000 rhinoplasty procedures. He treats patients of all backgrounds and has extensive experience treating patients of African American descent.