Facial Aesthetic For Female in India

Female cosmetic surgery

The MACS-lift, or minimal access cranial suspension lift, is a new European facelift that compares very favourably with the traditional facelift. The MACS-lift is not designed to replace the traditional facelift completely but it is an adjunct for men and women in their late adulthood. There are many other advantages to the MACS-lift when it is compared to a full facelift.

The 'MACS facelift' procedure is a quicker process and the operation can be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation and is tolerated quite well by the patient.

Best Suited Facial Treatment

The 'MACS facelift' is probably best suited to the patient who is contemplating facial rejuvenation for the first time and requires mild to moderate changes in the lower face and neck region.

Downtime is a significant factor economically for the age group of patients who choose to have a facelift. For executives from the corporate world, for example, time is a crucial factor.