Lip Lift Surgery

Lips reshaping surgery

A young-looking mouth displays about 2 millimeter of teeth when the mouth is in an open and relaxed pose. As some people become older, conversely, the upper lip can elongate over time, concealing the upper teeth, and the upper lip may be inclined to twist inwardly, making it emerge thinner.

Recovery and results

Clients can go from the clinic right away after the surgery and most can return to work within a matter of a couple of days or so. Only thing is taking precautions to avoid tiring activities. Swelling and pain and are only modest and are administered with prescribed medicines. Clients are suggested to follow a soft food diet and not to speak with a fully open mouth for about seven days after the procedure. The stitches at the seat of the nose disband in around fourteen days.

After curing, the mouth will reappear to a more youngish look with a tinier upper lip that consents a portion of the upper teeth to reveal instinctively when the mouth is open. A more young-looking, normal pout will also be returned, as the upper lip will be curved outwards to some extent.

It's imperative to entrust lip reshaping or any facial cosmetic surgery with an expert. Dr. Parag is a certified facial surgeon who has performed facial cosmetic surgeries for over a decade.