Cheek Implants

Cheek Implant Surgery

Cheek implant is a cosmetic surgery process that is aimed to highlight the cheeks on women's faces. To highlight the cheeks, our plastic surgeon may put a solid insert over the cheekbone. Shots with the lady's own fat or a squashy tissue stuffing, like Restylane, is also prevalent. Seldom, several cuts to the cheekbone may also be done. Cheek implant is usually conjoined with other techniques, such as a chin augmentation or face lift.

High cheekbones are commonly deemed a symbol of beauty, giving a hint of vitality and youthfulness. Though we have been using cheekbone augmentation for over a couple of decades in traumatic mid-face reconstructive surgery, we have only lately comprehended that by enhancing an undersized cheekbone area, cosmetic surgeons can alter a comparatively flat face into a young-looking and well developed mid-face. Though cheekbone operation is generally specified as a lone procedure, it is often combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures like facelift, to augment the overall outcome of the surgery.

Cheekbone implants are built from an assortment of materials that have been discovered to be harmless for implantation grounded on many years’ practice with implantations used all over the body. These materials perform like bone and append dimension to a levelled facial form. Implants may be expended to correct abnormalities of the cheekbone, abnormalities of the soft tissue underneath the bone or both problems together.