Buccal(Cheek)Fat Pad Removal

buccal fat removal

Buccal fat pad removal is an excellent way of reducing the "chipmunk cheek" appearance that plagues patients. Often, their parents have the same facial configuration.

Buccal fat pad removal must be weighed against the possibility of hollowness later on, of course. It must also be weighed with consideration of facial harmony as a whole (i.e. the cheekbone to cheek juxtaposition). The patient's age makes a big difference as well. The procedure should not be performed in patients with "baby fat". only patients with legitimate facial disharmony.

Quick Results Reducing Facial Volume

Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure offering quick and gratifying results reducing facial volume especially in the middle third portion of the face. Therefore, such a procedure covers a wide range of candidates especially patients with round faces and "chipmunk cheeks" where natural aging will have minimal effect shaping them (chipmunk cheeks will not atrophy much with aging). With that perspective, an extensively experienced surgeon is the most qualified to perform such a complex surgery while preserving the "natural" look of the patient through conservative buccal fat removal.

A board certified plastic surgeon with a serious interest in cheek anatomy and surgery, who possesses an artistic eye, is your best bet to answer this question.