Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery in India

Breast reduction can be defined as the surgical reduction of breast volume to achieve a smaller aesthetically shaped breast mound with concomitant relief of the potential symptoms of a large breast. There is some evidence to suggest that breast reduction may reduce the individual risk of breast cancer.

Very large breasts causing shoulder pain and/or backache is a primary indication for breast reduction surgery. Severe embarrassment, physically or sexually and infections below the breast are also indications for surgery.

Less common indications involve inability to exercise due to breast discomfort, inability to find fitting clothes and grooving of shoulder by bra straps.

The goal of reduction mammaplasty is to reposition, reduce, recontour and reshape the breasts. The breast gland is reduced and lifted. The nipple areola complex may have to be reduced in most cases. Breast reduction can be carried out at any age after breast development.

For Unmarried girls good amount of reduction in size of the breast can be achive by liposuction surgery using spical technique and canulae.