Thigh-Liposuction Surgery

Thigh liposuction

A thigh liposculpture is a cosmetic procedure that can be used to resize and reshape the upper legs. This popular cosmetic procedure is commonly used to balance the body line by removing excess fatty tissue from the upper legs. A thigh liposucture procedure is liposuction that uses ultrasound to break fat into small sections. These procedures are commonly combined with other surgeries to achieve the best possible results. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation if they feel you are a potential candidate.

Liposculpture of the thighs can be a life-changing experience for patients who are troubled by thick thighs. What are commonly referred to as the 'saddle bags' can be reduced, resulting in a straighter look to the outside of the thigh and better clothes fitting. Liposculpture of the inner thighs results in reduced rubbing and chafing and a visible gap between the inner thighs. When undergoing liposculpture to the thighs, most patients choose to include liposculpture to the hips and knees. This results in a tighter waist and a straighter-looking inner thighs with reduced rubbing of the knees.