Mega Liposuction Surgery

Mega liposuction

Aspiration of more than ten liters of fat in one sitting is termed mega liposuction. The proportion of mega liposuctions being performed is increasing world – wide as more and more surgeons get convinced of its safety. Mega liposuction is probably better done under GA as most of there cases require circumferential liposuction.

Mega liposuction can be safely performed by an experienced surgeon and anesthetist. Standard risks of anesthesia exist when the procedure is done under General Anesthesia. As liposuction removes fat under the skin only, without damage to internal organs, there are no long term health risks.

As most of the mega liposuctions are performed under General Anesthesia, monitored anesthesia is essential. General Anesthesia offers maximum comfort to the patient as circumferential contouring of back, front and sides can be performed without subjecting patients to inconvenient positions.