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About Designer Bodyz

About Hospital

Our Hospital is a center dedicated to excellence in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. Our aim is to provide world-class amenities and care to a patient who wants to improve his or her appearance. Our team comprises of a Cosmetic Surgeon trained in leading centers in Belgium and France, a Cosmetic Dermatologist, an in-house Patient Co-ordinator who looks after all the needs of the patient before and after a procedure and dedicated nursing staff to take care of the patient.

What we do?

It has been seen world-wide that a hospital can become a centre of excellence only when there is a team of dynamic and dedicated individuals who are very well versed with their respective jobs in a set-up. Of course this needs the guidance and inspiration from a Team Leader ( our Cosmetic Surgeon in our case) and the vision and foresight of the Founder.

Our Modus Operandi

At our Hospital, our aim is to be genuine. No false promises and no non-scientific treatments. So you have a section dedicated to the educational background and training of our doctors. Please go through this information as we believe that treating a better-informed patient makes our job that much more easy.