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Z-Lipo : the ultimate tool for body contouring!

Z- Lipo is based on ultrasonic energy, which gently emulsifies all the fat in any area of the body. These fat cells are then removed from the body with suction using 3mm hollow probes. This makes the fat removal more complete and the effect longer lasting.

Dieting or non-surgical methods such as U-Lipo only remove water content from the fat cells. Hence these cells only shrink in size temporarily. They are not actually REMOVED from the body. Hence, the moment one stops the U-Lipo sessions, the fat comes back again and with a vengeance!

Z-Lipo is done either under local anaesthesia or with mild sedation. So the recovery is faster and the discharge from the clinic is the same day. You are provided with a custom made corset to wear for 4-6 weeks to help the skin tone up. The skin may feel hypersensitive for 5-7 days but the usual down-time for resuming normal activities is 3-4 days.

I have performed this procedure for more than 600 patients and they have got really astonishing results. Any area of the body where there is unwanted fat or stubborn fat which is not responding to diet or exercise can be treated. This is an ideal treatment for unmarried girls who don’t want to have any marks on their body. Many of my patients have been diabetic or hypertensive and have really had good result with Z-Lipo.

So yes, of all available body contouring and fat loss treatments at the moment, Z-Lipo is the best! Hence many Bollywood and television celebs are opting for this treatment. So in 2015, zap all the bulges with Z-Lipo!

This entry was posted by Dr. Parag Telang on March 29, 2018